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Nightlife is Bangkok is as wild or as sophisticated as you choose to make it. The authorities have clamped down on the seedier side of Bangkok's nocturnal amusements, with most clubs closing by a respectable 2am, but the party spirit still lives on. Invest in a Bangkok by Night map and explore the night markets, clubs and bars at your leisure.

Bangkok City At Night

Bangkok City Night Impressions
Bangkok City Night Impressions
Bangkok City Night Impressions
Bangkok City Night Impressions

It is no secret that some of the wildest nightlife options remain within the city limits of Bangkok. Bangkok is notorious for its go-go bars in the Patpong district and Soi Cowboy. Fortunately for those not interested, Bangkok's naughty nightlife is easily avoided. There are hundreds of di

Bangkok Nightlife

Bangkok Nightlife - Nana Plaza
Bangkok Nightlife - Patpong
Bangkok Nightlife - Patpong Night Market
Bangkok Nightlife - Soi Cowboy

Bangkok is not only colourful in daytime but also after sunset when the city takes on a different light and comes to life to offer amusement 24-hours around the clock. The City of the Angeles is really a very appropriate tag... Probably the most popular night-life spot in the city, located

Bangkok Nights

 at night
City Pillar Shrine at night
Golden Mount at night
Khao San Road at night

Bangkok's nightlife scene, famous for many years, is very diverse and features everything from excellent live music and good jazz clubs. It is renowned to be wild and noisy, which makes it arguably the main attraction of an already bustling capital for many of the visitors coming to Thaila

Patpong And Patpong Night Market

Beginning Of The Night Market In The Infamous Patpong District
Kings Castle Group In Patpong
Super Pussy In Patpong
Camelot Castle In Patpong

Patpong is an entertainment district in Bangkok, catering mainly to tourists and expatriates. Patpong consists of two parallel side streets running between Silom Road and Surawong Road and one side street running from the opposite side of Surawong. There are now a number of live music bars

Thai Go Go Girls

Thai Go Go Girl
Thai Go Go Girl
Thai Go Go Girl
Thai Go Go Girl

The so called Go Go Bars of Thailand offer in addition to drinks and disco music lovely bikini or topless Thai dancing girls that are in bikini, topless or completely nude. Many go-go bars also offer -- just besides dancing girls -- even sex or lesbian shows.