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The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok hotel shines like a beacon as the finest hotel in Bangkok. It's pre-eminence comes from 130 years of distinguished service to the great and good of the world. Today the hotel is still on the banks of the Chao Praya River and hold sway over the heartbeat of city life.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok started with relatively humble desire for European sailors to have a lodge near their ships but on dry land. Often sailors would be months at sea and the ability to get 2 feet on dry land made the hotel an instant success. The history of The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok went through many turbulent times from its early reception of Russian Royalty to being gutted after the second world war but what comes through is the list of famous people who have sought it out for their stay in Thailand. From Graham Greene, Neil Armstrong, Pelé, to Michael Jackson and many more this hotel has been at the centre


The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok is unique on account of its great number of unique suites. As the property has grown, new wings a tower have been added always giving the property something new. Each of these suites have names after famous visitors, the famous old cutters that plied their trade between Europe and Thailand and a host of new celebrities. Each suite is individually decorated, many inspired by the legendary architect and silk trader Jim Thompson so that you can return to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok and never feel you are in the same rooms. Other facts about these suites is that they never have the same flower arrangements and always get their own Christmas tree every year.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok reviews

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok was acclaimed the “Best Hotel in the World” for a record-breaking consecutive ten years (1981–90) by the Institutional Investor at a time when there were few awards measuring the travel industry. Having said that, the hotel now regularly gets in the top 10 hotels or spa awards for internationally recognized magazines and report like Forbes Traveler, Condé Nast Traveller, Travel & Leisure's annual World Best Awards, Luxury Travel Advisor, AsiaSpa Magazine, and Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report. It's a sign of its philosophy that as with each new generation of manager, excellence is of prime importance. The ratio of 3 staff to one guest is exceptionally high and accounts for the position it has earned as one of the world's best.

The online customer feedback survey at tripadvisor and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok reviews give a sensational 4.63 out of 5 which ranks it as one of the top feedbacks of any resort in Thailand. These up to date and instant reviews are often a great idea of what customers outside the industry think.

Last Updated: 19 Mar 2012